Investor Services

Investor Services

Technology to support any investor strategy

Compass Investor Services provides a series of capabilities that allow residential mortgage investors to  identify great lender partners and to do business with them with a minimum of friction.

Rich Product Pricing and Eligibility Content

Compass Investor Services clients receive priority in the maintenance of their products, product guidelines, pricing (including loan-level price adjustments).


Reliable market color is difficult to gather - except for CompassBid™ clients. Our buy-side analytics deliver detailed information about an investor's bid performance, facilitating the kind of rapid-response to competitive pressures required to achieve profitable growth. CompassBid™ clients know how to buy the right product at the right price - from the right counterparty - every day.

CompassDirect™ - complete control of your products and pricing

CompassDirect™ provides investors a simple user interface that allows them to control how they deliver, manage and adjust pricing. Compass Direct™ provides tools that allow investors to manage approved sellers, control seller margins, LLPAs and guideline overlays. It even supports initiatives - targeted special product offers aimed at short- or intermediate term goals, such as CRA needs.


Investors are always in search of new sources of volume. CompassCommit™ is a sell-side tool that is made available to smaller correspondents who can use the system's PPE features to find and sell to new investors.

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