Enabling Profitability Through Technology

CompassPoint™ re-defines what secondary professionals can accomplish in a day, week and month.  Serving lenders of all sizes, ranging from small independent mortgage companies to large government agencies, CompassPoint™ will meet your capital markets technology needs today, and will provide the financial technology you will need to meet tomorrow’s challenges. 

Achieve Best execution, regardless of delivery strategy

Whether you are selling servicing released via mini-bulk tapes, delivering to the agencies and working through complex optimization strategies, or some combination of the two, CompassPoint™ has the automation and tools you need to sell at the highest price

Eliminate month-end surprises and track daily P&L with confidence

CompassPoint™ simplifies daily P&L reconciliation and provides straightforward attribution analysis so you know how well you are preserving your profit margin every step of the way.

Simplify your daily risk management with technology

CompassPoint™ streamlines processes and procedures that previously took hours every day. Save time and strengthen your risk policies by letting technology do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time on strategy.

Shine the light on your most profitable originators

In a competitive market for originators, you need the tools to understand which of your producers are closing loans on time and which need some help. Our Originator Scorecards let you understand which of your loan officers, branches and brokers are costing you money.

Take your pullthrough modeling to the next level

Whether reviewing monthly closing percentages or implementing sophisticated pullthrough models, it all comes down to data. Track your locks every step of the way and use our detailed reporting to dial in your coverage models.

Create rate sheets for channels, branches, and originators in minutes

Generate your base rates and pricing, including white-labeled proprietary output, all from one system. Reconciliation tools help prevent pricing errors before they start, and the system’s flexible margin tools allow you to create pricing that is as granular as you like.

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